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I have a Dell printer Do I have to buy directly from Dellcom or can I find discount Dell Inkjet Ink Cartridge?

[Translate] I just dont want to pay high prices for Dell inkjet cartridges. I used to be able to find remanufactured and generic cartridges for my other printer supplies. But with Dell it seems like I am stuck with them. Any ideas? Related Blogs Printer Cartridges in the UK: Technological Facts | High Tech Gadgets […]

The Dirty Little Secret Of Inkjet Printers

[Translate] Here’s a surprising fact about inkjet printers that I don’t think the manufacturers want you to know… Related Blogs ±1±: Good Continuous Ink System For Canon Inkjet Printers (ip4200) Today!| ±1±: Best Computer Free Shipping Today ! Brother MFC Inkjet Printers and LC51 Brother Ink Cartridges | HP Officejet 6500 vici blog » Blog […]

Where can I find cheaper Inkjet Cartridges for my Dell 966?

[Translate] I recently purchased a Dell All-In-One 966 printer. I just went to the Dell store and replacement cartridges are 60$ plus taxes and shipping (for a black and color cartridges). That’s ridiculous. Help me please. Related Blogs Marineland Eclipse Rite Size Z Replacement Filter Cartridge 3 Pack 90250 Test For Things 'A to Z' […]

Continuous Ink System For Epson Inkjet Printers (1400)

[Translate] Are you tired of buying expensive inkjet cartridges? Cut your ink costs by up to 90% with the IRIS Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS). This innovative solution comes with 600 ml of stunning high-quality ink that matches Epson specifications. Go to and learn how you can stop overpaying for inkjet cartridges! Also available […]

Do generic brand inkjet cartridges for HP printers work as well as HP brand?

[Translate] There are people selling generic brand inkjet cartridges on Ebay for a lot less than the HP brand. Does anyone know if these work just as well or if it is better to just buy the name brand? Thanks. Related Blogs Hp Laptop Computers: Purchasin… | WARNING: INK COMPUTER right here! Ink Computer Tips […]