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What is the difference between picture paper and regular printer paper?

[Translate] I tried printing some pictures from my computer. i used regular printer paper and it looks kind of weird. You don’t have to look too close to see the dots that make up the picture. my roommate told me that its because i need to use picture paper. is this true? will the picture […]

Okay there is a song that has to do with ink and toner?

[Translate] Okay there is a song that says " Like an ink and toner, we all need refills from time to time, green lights from left to right", and every time i look for it all that comes up is real ink and toners!! does anyone know what im talking about?? Please help? whats the […]

Question about digital photo printing?

[Translate] I have a number of Digital pictures that I’d love to print out and put into scrapbooks &/or photo albums but I’m such a procrastinator…. I have a good quality photo printer – but my question is would it be cheaper to print them out myself after factoring in ink & paper purchases or […]

Are laser printers better and more cost effective than inkjet printers?

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Can I reuse printer paper if it has two little staple holes in it?

[Translate] I usually don’t throw away my printer paper i just stick it back in the printer and use the other side and then shred it when both sides are used but i have a stack of paper that have the small little staple holes in them and I’m not sure if I can put […]