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ip4700 canon pixma printer ink delemer, how do i install unchipped cartridges to have them work?

[Translate] i have cheap unchipped full cartridges & i know theres a way of getting the printer to bypass the chips but cant remember how its done, can you help? how do i turn off the ink monitor? Related Blogs Assess: AudioEngine N22 amp and P4 speakers | GSM reviews, news and articles Fender 65 […]

Why won't Lexmark 5400 Series Printer accept refilled cartridges?

[Translate] I have a Lexmark 5400 Series Printer which I have used for nearly a year successfully. Several months ago I refilled my Lexmark printer cartridges with an excellent ink and have printed many pages with great success. This week my printer will no longer print with my refilled color ink cartridge. At first it […]

How do I stop my computer from defaulting to A4 printer paper?

[Translate] This is windows Vista x64. Every time I go to print I have to manually change the paper size from A4 to Letter. Related Blogs We have A4 paper 80 gsm and 70 gsm also we have A3 paper A4 paper in roll,, | Kodak ESP 7250 User Manual | Ebook Manual Pdf […]

Why would people rather download a book?

[Translate] The sixth Harry Potter book is in paperback and its cheaper than a ream of paper and printer ink/toner and a new pair of glasses from hours of staring at a screen. And the great thing about books is that you can read them ANYWHERE, no electricity required or compatibility or virus worries. Related […]

What is the best online digital photo printing place?

[Translate] I have used adorama and they’re really cheap – price wise. The prints came out too soft & dull, though it was most likely my fault at the time. But I’m considering using MPix, too, though they’re more expensive. Has anyone used either, or both? Is there a difference in the quality of images […]