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How to change cartridge on a Canon printer ?

[Translate] The model of my printer is MP150. This is my first time changing it and i have lost the manual book. My problem is the place where the cartridges are placed is hidden inside. That space in between is just too small, i can’t even take out the cartridge. Do i have to open […]

Lexmark ink cartridges, ink remains in cartridge? what?

[Translate] so i got this lexmark printer, and i still have ink in my cartridges, but it says that it won’t let me use any more ink and that i have to send it to lexmark. Now i had stayed up late for a school project, and i need to print something, is there a […]

my paper is jammed in my hp printer. how do i get the paper unjammed?

[Translate] the printer paper for my HP printer is jammed in it look likes the roller the printer cant print. Related Blogs Library Logged » LIBRARY LOGGED: Wireless Printer Paper Is This The PalmPad HP Will Announce At CES 2011? Nope. HP to show off its PalmPad webOS tablet next month? | VentureBeat HP Printer-CD055A […]

Toner and Ink Saver Software – Where can I download software that saves printer ink?

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Printing a large digital photo?

[Translate] I’ve taken some pictures with my Nikon D5000 and I’ve got one in particular that I’d like to have printed. It’s digital, however, and I don’t want to see ANY compression artifacts, noise, or blockiness in the print–I want it to look nice. The photo is 4288 x 2848 pixels, 12 megapixels (Photoshop says […]