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How do you take the old ink cartridges out of a canon mp530 printer?

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Lexmark Printer and Magnetic INK?

[Translate] I cannot find any magnetic ink for Lexmark cartridges 23 or 24. I want to print my checks with magnetic ink, and I don’t feel like buying a new printer. Is there a way I can maybe fill my cartridges with the ink myself? Or does anyone know where I can find magnetic ink […]

Is There special printer paper that I can use in my printer to make homemade custom stickers?

[Translate] If so where can I buy? If there isn’t such thing, is there a type of printer for the home office that can do this? Related Blogs

Which one is better for a printer? Laser, Ink or toner?

[Translate] I want to buy a printer for a home office and not sure which one is better… Related Blogs

what`s the best online digital photo printing service ? ?

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