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Canon Printer MP220 how do I turn off the alert telling me I am low on ink? I have just changed the cartridges?

[Translate] I have just changed the cartridges, although they were generic ones (Tesco own brand) Related Blogs

Lexmark printer not accepting recycled ink cartridge?

[Translate] I recently replaced my ink cartridges with recycled cartridges, and they fit and have ink (I somehow managed to print a test page) but every time I try to print it tells me I am out of ink. Every once in a while it will give me the option to "use the reserve tank", […]

Where can I take printer cartridges for recycling?

[Translate] They are the big ones from the canon printer. cost 120$ each and i am wondering if there is any place to turn them in for recycling? thanks in advance! Related Blogs

Can I use hp printer paper on lexmark printer?

[Translate] I didn’t think that the brand was important until I bought the paper, its too late to go to the store for me and I need to use the printer. hat will happen if I use a different kind of paper. Its the right size(8.5 by11) But what do you guys say? Should I […]

Lexmark Ink Cartridge Refills for X2600 Printer?

[Translate] After Ink cartridge refilled printer does not see cartridge as being full. Does this Cartridge have an ink memory switch that needs to be reset after a refill.??? New Cartridge load just fine Related Blogs