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Will Lexmark Ink cartridges (17-black,27-Color) work on a Dell All-In-One A920 Printer?

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How to refill a color ink in a canon printer?

[Translate] In my canon printer there are 3 holes where I have to inject the 3 colors; magenta; cyan & yellow. I am confuse if in which holes should I inject the magenta; cyan & yellow color. I tried once to inject/refill my canon cartridge but to my disgust I didnt make the right thing.When […]

Can I use Epson printer paper in an HP printer?

[Translate] I would like to use Epson double-sided matte paper in my HP Photosmart 2575 All-in-One printer. Related Blogs

My Lexmark printer will not recognize ink cartridges have been refilled?

[Translate] Any ideas? Says they are completely empty, but I have just refilled them. It is an X3550. I popped the lid, cleaned the outside of the cartridges and put them back in. An alignment page was printed only to show an alignment error afterwords as well as still seeing the cartridges as empty. The […]

Need help with my company layout or plans?

[Translate] I need to come out a layout or plan for my company. We need some ideas that is for customers and another for e-commerce. Ink & Toner Target Clients – Purpose of site – Site functions – Category or menu – Reference site : Design concept : Special functions : e-Marketing site Analysis other […]