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How do you insert the ink cartridges into the ip1800 canon printer?

[Translate] There’s got to be an easier way! I just got a new canon printer and i cannot get those stupid ink cartridges in for the life of me! Here’s a link below to show you what it looks like. If you have one of these, please tell me how to put them in a […]

i bought a new lexmark ink cartridge that had no ink,anyone else had this problem?

[Translate] bought brand new 36 black ink cartridge for lexmark printer,and it does not print.printer says no ink. Related Blogs

Is there a type of printer paper that looks like newspaper?

[Translate] I am working on a final project, and I am trying to create a newspaper page. I downloaded a template for Microsoft Word, so the layout of my articles look newspaper-ish. But I know when I print it out it will be on regular white printer paper. I would like to get more of […]

Need help picking out a printer?

[Translate] I print about 50 pages a week, some color and some b/w. What’s a good printer that has relatively affordable refill cartridges? Speed of printing is not as important as the cost of the ink/toner. Related Blogs

Digital nude photo printing?

[Translate] Does anyone know of a place online that will let me upload tasteful nude photos,make prints, and mail them to me? Related Blogs