PC World: How to Save Money on Printing

[Translate] Replacement ink or toner cartridges can cost a pretty penny. PC World will show you how to make your supplies last longer with this guide to saving money on printing. Visit for more news, reviews and how-to’s. Related Blogs

Fix a paper jam for HP C4200, C4300, C4400, and C4500 Photosmart Printers

[Translate] Explains how to fix a paper jam on the HP Photosmart C4200, C4300, C4400, and C4500 printers. The printer shown in this video is an HP Photosmart C4280, but the steps are the same if your printer is an HP Photosmart C4200, C4300, C4400, or C4500. I am an HP employee but I do […]

How to Replace an Inkjet Printer Cartridge

[Translate] Replacing a printer cartridge on most inkjet printers requires just a few simple steps. See how it’s done. For more info, check out the article: Watch More How To Videos on our YouTube Channel: Watch More How To Videos on Connect with on Facebook Follow Video […]

How to Make a Minecraft Creeper Head out of Cardboard

[Translate] Happy Halloween!!! You will need: 12×12 Cardboard Box Color Printer Paper Tape/Glue Optional: Nylon Stockings Spray Paint Creeper Face Download: -if link is broken please send me a message- Tutorial Channel: Gaming Channel: Related Blogs

Align the Print Cartridges – HP Deskjet D1600

[Translate] This video will show how to align the print cartridges if you are experiencing print quality issues or you have replaced your print cartridges. The printer shown is the HP Deskjet D1660. I am an HP employee but I do not represent HP on this site. Related Blogs