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Why is my Brother printer not printing?

[Translate] There is enough ink, toner, and paper in the printer, so why doesn’t it print! I rebooted my computer and turned off the printer and turned it back on and it still doesn’t print! Help! Related Blogs

Need help picking out a printer?

[Translate] I print about 50 pages a week, some color and some b/w. What’s a good printer that has relatively affordable refill cartridges? Speed of printing is not as important as the cost of the ink/toner. Related Blogs

This question if for anyone that has a laser printer?

[Translate] I was considering buying a laser printer and I want to know how long the ink toner lasts. I heard it can last for a very long time compared to ink cartriges. I go through ink on my printer every three months. If I get a color laser printer, how long would the black […]

Can I be charged for a summons even if I was never actually served the summons?

[Translate] Palisades sold my account to an attorney’s office locally in San Diego, CA. It’s worth ,900. I was never actually served. Anyway, I worked out a payment plan with them but they refuse to remove the summons fee despite me never having been served. How can they charge me for something like that? It’s […]

What does the "A" mean on the Lexmark Printer Ink?

[Translate] My printer takes Lexmark 28 Black and 29 Color ink toner. You can also buy 28A and 29A. Just wondering if anyone knew what the "A" means. They are more expensive too. Related Blogs