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Viking Printer Paper, White, A4, 80gsm

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My printer prints pictures in portions on several different sheets of printer paper?

[Translate] I have a lexmark 4019-EO1 as my office printer. I also have scanner capability with an HP C4640 photosmart all-in-one. My problem is that I cannot scan items into my computer and print them succesfully with my lexmark. It keeps printing "sections" of the picture on numerous sheets of printer paper. My goal is […]

Is there a type of printer paper that looks like newspaper?

[Translate] I am working on a final project, and I am trying to create a newspaper page. I downloaded a template for Microsoft Word, so the layout of my articles look newspaper-ish. But I know when I print it out it will be on regular white printer paper. I would like to get more of […]

What is the hard printer paper called?

[Translate] The paper look like regular printer paper but it’s not as flexible as the regular. What is it called? Related Blogs

what is the best printer and printer paper to use for printing out buttons?

[Translate] A friend and I are trying to make little 2 inch buttons but we dont want to make the wrong choice getting a bad printer or printer paper. We are looking for a printer and paper that wont fade after the button has been in the sun. We want buttons that look as professional […]